I am 33 years old and have had quite a life. I started smoking and drugging when I was 12 years old. By the time I was 20 years old I was a paranoid schizophrenic. Two months before I turned 21 I had an encounter with the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua haMashiach. At that time I called Him Jesus Christ and went to church twice every Sunday. There was no doubt in my mind or in the people around me, that something significant had happened to me as there was such an incredible change in me and in my behaviour.

I wish I could say that everything just got better in my life and I never struggled again. Alas that would not be the truth. The truth is, that was the BEGINNING of a very long and difficult walk to freedom. For 12 long years I lived the life of a hypocrite. I went to church every Sunday, went to all the bible study groups, even did bible school for a while (getting distinctions), ran a youth group and Sunday school. Yet all the while I battled to stop smoking and developed an addiction to pornography. I got involved in immoral relationships. For 12 years I lived with a deep hatred of myself and the life I was living.

All I wanted was to be free, but could not seem to find it. My Pastors could not tell me how to live in victory or in the Spirit. All the advice they could give me was read my bible more and pray more. I went from counsellor to counsellor. I was constantly being put under discipline and eventually I was put in a drug rehabilitation center. Funny that I was a sex addict not a drug addict. I was there for 2 and a half years. In that time my ‘Pastors’ phoned me 3 times.

Did the rehab work? Nope. I was on the programme for 10 months and then became a staff member for the next 20 months. For those 20 months I continued to look at pornography on my phone and lived the life of a hypocrite.

In 2010 something happened to me that changed my life completely. My long time friend of 10 years became my wife. That was the first thing. But what changed my life completely was that the God of the Bible began to show me in His scriptures that we need to return to His laws, Feasts and Sabbaths. He also lead me to the realisation that His name is not Jesus Christ, Lord, God, Holy Spirit or anything on those lines. But that His Name is YaHoVaH. That His earthly Father given Name is Yeshua haMashiach and that the Spirit’s Name is the Ruach haQodesh.

When I began to realise these truths my life began to change drastically. The freedom that had eluded me for so many years has become a reality since the middle of 2010. I have realised that Yeshua did not save us from the Law, that is the Torah, He saved us from SIN. And through saving us from sin He has enabled us to live out His Torah,Feasts and Sabbaths. His Torah is freedom. It is a joy and a pleasure to live His Torah.

My life has changed  drastically and I love living in freedom and in the joy of knowing my Father, YaHoVaH. I want this blog to be a place to share the Truth of His Torah and to help others come to an understanding of these truths and if YaHoVaH is willing, to help people walk in the freedom that I have found and that the Scriptures talk about.

So I welcome all discussion and comments.  May we come to a full knowledge of the truth together.



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