Free From Law or Free from Sin? Part 1

5 Feb

Now that I have dealt with the important subject of the Name of YHVH, I think it is time to broach another very important subject.  This is  important  because it determines HOW you read the Scriptures and HOW you interpret what you read.  We all have a world view, and we see everything in life through that world view.  When we come into the ‘Church’ we are taught certain things about the Scriptures.  We then relate to our whole ‘Christian’ life from the perspective  of what we have been taught.  So what happens if we are taught something that is not in line with Scripture?  Most of us then interpret all of Scripture through the eyes of that error.  Guess what happens when we read the Scriptures?  We do not see the truth of those Scriptures, but we delve deeper and deeper into more error.  If our plumb line, that is our starting point, is off even just slightly, as we build our lives, by the time we get to the end, we will be  off course from where we are meant to be.  That means we will end up with a crooked, deformed life that is contrary to Scripture. So our starting point is incredibly important.  It is the most vital part of our walk with YHVH.

Unfortunately the ‘Church’ as we know it today, was NOT founded on the teachings of the “Apostles and Prophets” after Yeshua rose from the dead.  The ‘Church’ as we know it today, was founded around 400AD with the ‘head’ being Constantine.  And the foundations of the ‘Church’, the starting point, were based on a hatred for the people of YHVH, the Jews.  These errors have been passed down from generation to generation and are so part of the culture of the ‘Church,’ that  few people see them when they read their own Scriptures.  We take what our ‘leaders’ say, that is the ‘fathers’, ‘deacons’, ‘bishops’, ‘pastors’ or whatever other title they may have, as gospel and we question nothing.  These may sound like harsh words, but please do not stop reading yet, give me a chance to qualify what I am saying first.  If you feel that I have come to the wrong conclusions, then I invite you to share your concerns and the Scriptural reasons for these concerns. There is one major error that I need to deal with, that affects how we view our whole ‘Christian’ lives, how we view our Scriptures, how we view our Master and Creator, and how we view YHVH’S chosen people.  This error is, very basically, that we are ‘no longer under law but under grace’.  This is the basic foundation of all Christianity, that ‘Jesus’ came to set us free from all those Jewish laws that bind us and are burdensome to us.  You say this is not true?  But if I ask the average (and even the not so average) christian, why they don’t keep the Sabbath, the response is invariably, “but we are not under the law any more” or “Jesus set us free from those Jewish laws” or many other variations of the same response.  The same goes with being questioned about eating pork and not keeping the festivals of YHVH.

I would like to state categorically that an absolute lie that has been sold to us.  I would like to state that this was not the teaching of Yeshua nor of the Apostles, neither is it the teaching of Scripture.  It is a belief that was birthed out of paganism and a hatred for the Jewish people and if I may say, YHVH Himself.  For He says that “if you love Me, keep My commands” (John 14:15).  It is very simple, if we love Him we will obey His commands, but if we hate Him we will break His commands. In the following post I am going to qualify what I have just said, through a systematic look at Scripture and by an honest look at history. Until then.. May you live a straight and happy life!


2 Responses to “Free From Law or Free from Sin? Part 1”

  1. Andy Madonio March 4, 2012 at 02:24 #

    I appreciate your search for the truth in Christianity’s Hebrew roots. Please keep digging and blogging, so I can follow along with you. I believe the Lord is making known this forgotten aspect of our faith in Yeshua in these last days – that he was Jewish and followed the Laws of Moses, and he said not one speck of that law would be lost while heaven & earth remain.

    • Torah Restoration March 4, 2012 at 21:38 #

      Hi Andy, I would like to thank you for your comment. I will continue to do so, YHVH willing. I agree with you completely. It is tragic how the ‘church’ has been led astray for so long. But praise be to YHVH who is restoring His people to the truth of the Scriptures, to those who are willing to hear.


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